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Hanal Pixan at Cozumel

2If you are looking to experience the Day of the Dead at Cozumel, do not miss the incredible events the island has for you! From October 31st until November 2nd you can be part of this tradition from our Mayan ancestry in which we celebrate Death as another step in our existence. Death conceived by the Mayas was a natural and spiritual process in which we will meet our makers gladly, but that will mean that we won’t be able to enjoy the mortal pleasures of seeing our friends and family, and most importantly eating and drinking. This is why Hanal Pixan means food for the souls, because we pay our deceased tribute with their favorite dishes and drinks while they were alive.

On October 31st we will welcome you to the contest of Death Altars, typical in these traditions, in which the contestants decorate the altar to welcome our deceased. The altar is full of symbolical gestures and levels which generally mean the three states of the spirit: heaven, earth and hell. The altar has sugar skulls with the names of the deceased and delicious food, such as hot chocolate or tamales. It is also decorated with copal incense and beautiful flowers. A path is made to guide the souls towards the altar and is made of candles and flower petals.
On November 1st there will be an exhibition of the altars and a contest of literary skulls. These literary skulls could be best defined as poems with humoristic depictions of death, mocking the deceased or death herself. There will be also a Catrina runway, which is an image that holds an important cultural and artistic meaning in our history, and used to represent the upper class during the 19th century; its male counterpart is called Catrín. It was first invented by illustrator and print maker José Guadalupe Posada, and was popularized later by painter Diego Rivera. There will also be a spectacle of poems, legends and songs which you cannot miss! And the parade in the 5th Avenue from the Cemetery to Benito Juarez Park where the festival will continue.

1On November 2nd a race called Catrines and Skulls will be held with family participation, the contestants will run 1.5 miles dressed as Catrines and Catrinas. Afterwards you can feast your eyes with the show of typical dishes of the Day of the Dead. The folkloric ballet will make an appearance you cannot miss in which you can enjoy music of our cultural heritage. Argelia Chacón will give a concert to delight your ears and finally you can enjoy the Night Mexico musical arrangement.

All these events will be held at the Benito Juárez park, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

Do not miss the events we have for you on this Hanal Pixan celebration and follow us in social media to keep in touch with the newest updates!

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