Carnival warmth at Cozumel

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Carnival warmth at Cozumel

Carnival warmth at Cozumel


Welcome to the first entry of the blog and wishing you a happy new year 2017 from Cozumel, we want to invite you to visit Coumel, a gorgeous island located 11 miles away from the coast of Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea. The island is filled with historical references from our past and Mayan heritage, and these traditions are still alive today. One of these traditions is without a doubt the emblematic Carnival of Cozumel celebrated from February 22nds until the 1st of March. This carnival has been addressed by the Mexico Tourism Board as one of the 8 most representative ones in the country, and it sure is. This event is in fact so important that has a prequel that starts from January 28th to the 19th of February, which serves as an amazing colorful display of dances and costumes that represent without a doubt the vibrant joy of this celebration.

As it is costume, a king and queen will be selected from different categories such as juvenile, children, diversity and major, with its respective crowning and celebration dance from each. This contributes to create expectation towards the actual dates on February and it is a very merry celebration to be a part of! Besides this exciting carnival full of music, culture and delicious cuisine, is only one of the many events prepared for our visitors this 2017.

Mrs. María Beatriz Solís Ramírez, our eldest participant of 60 years old. 2016.

Some of this events are the Aeroshow Cozumel, on April 1st and 2nd which features a world-class show that involves pilots and some incredible aero displays, The Cozumel Scuba Fest which as its name shows it is all about the incredible and colorful marine life that attracts professional divers all around the world to participate in this event from May 4th until the 8th. Also on May there is the 9th Annual Cozumel Island Golf Tournament an international sports event that lasts all weekend and starts on the 6th. We must mention the Sacred Maya Journey, a canoe trip from the coast of Quintana Roo to the island, in which participants from all cultures and nationalities train in advance for months to prepare for this endeavor, and pay their respects and ask good fortune to the moon goddess Ixchel from May 26th to 27th. From August to October, the annual nesting season of marine turtles takes place in Cozumel, which you can prepare for in advance since July and learn all about caring and protecting these magical animals. If we are talking about our incredible events and traditions we must highlight the 15th of September, one of the biggest fiestas in the country in which we celebrate, eat and drink for the anniversary of our independence and freedom. Also on September, we invite all athletes around the world to participate and compete in the Metlife Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, an incredible and extreme experience biking, swimming and running along the island. Iron Kids is followed closely on the 30th of September and has plenty of fun and entertainment while completing the serious triathlon. Day of the Dead starts on October 30th and lasts until November 2nd, and while we celebrate this tradition nationally, the Mayan called it Hanal Pixan which means food for the souls and as you can guess, it is an especially delicious event to attend to!

These are only a few of all the events throughout the year, we have many more cultural, ecological and festive activities you can attend to. Follow our blog to keep yourself updated on these and visit Cozumel!


Woman in Catrina costume setting the Hanal Pixan altar. 2016.

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