Celebrate México enjoying Isla Cozumel

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Celebrate México enjoying Isla Cozumel

Isla Cozumel knows how to celebrate. Apart from being one of the most traditional touristic destinations of Mexico, Cozumel is home to people living accordingly to Mexican traditions and customs; since the tastes, colors, and sounds of the jungle and mangroves of Cozumel make out part of the fabric of the great cultural tapestry of Mexicanity. That is why immersing yourself in the clear waters of Isla Cozumel, wandering among the rainforest, running on white beaches or diving into a cenote are spectacular ways to celebrate Mexico along with Mexicans.

Island of tastes, paradise to celebrate

Mexican food has been declared an Immaterial Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Such a distinction is not only due to the talent of the great chefs we have had throughout our history. The main reason is the biodiversity of our country, which allows making available to cuisine lovers the most varied ingredients. If you decide to enjoy the Mexican celebrations in Isla Cozumel, you will have at your disposal the most representative dishes from all over Mexico, prepared by the best chefs and seasoned by the atmosphere of paradise.





























(Buccanos at Night)



To make your mouth water while you pack your luggage and book a room in one of the incredible hotels of Isla Cozumel, here we link a list of the best restaurants of Mexican food that will be close to you:



Tricolor party in Isla Cozumel

We all know that colors are not a problem for nature in Isla Cozumel. Which ones do you need? Green, white and red? We have plenty of them, and they are ready to wrap you from the plumage of the birds, from the leaves of the palm trees, from the foam of the sea, from the reefs. Do you see? You will arrive at the night of the celebration of the Independence of Mexico beautified by the fascination of being in the paradise.

Moreover, in Isla Cozumel, you will find the best dance floors to celebrate Mexico, which, by the way, is something that NOT ONLY Mexicans can celebrate.



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