Cozumel Carnival 2019 begins, the best celebration of the Mexican Caribbean

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Cozumel Carnival 2019 begins, the best celebration of the Mexican Caribbean

The biggest party in Cozumel has started! Each Isla Cozumel prepares for the most anticipated celebration: the Cozumel Carnival 2019. This famous Caribbean celebration will take place on the streets of the Island from February 2 to March 6, under an atmosphere of music, dance, and fiesta to commemorate the best carnival in the Mexican Caribbean.


The theme of this year will be “La fiesta que nos mueve” (The party that moves us), as the population celebrates 145 years of uninterrupted Carnivals, a tradition that thanks for the Easter and the arrival of Spring.

Cozumel Carnival 2019: The party that moves us. .

El pre-carnaval

The precarnavalesque celebration has already begun, from Saturday, February 2, and continue until the 26th! It started with the spectacular presentation of the candidates for Kings of Carnival and the expected concert Tribute to the late Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel, by the singer Cristian Castro, with a joyfull crowd at the Moby Dick Show Center.


Next Friday, February 22, will take place the Election of the Diversity Kings and Queens on the same stage, as well as the “Show of Stars” an astronomical show for children and adults.

Cristian Castro cantando los grandes éxitos de Juan Gabriel.

And do not miss the contest “Dancing for the trip of my dreams,” on February 3, 10 and 17. The grand finale will be on March 4, and the lucky winners will have a cruise trip; a weekend in the Riviera Maya for the second place, and a stay in Cozumel for the third.

But the best is yet to come…

The Cozumel Carnival Festival

The big party will start on Wednesday, February 27 and until March 6, a whole week of dances, folklore, the best musicians, and lots of fun!

The traditional comparsa dance.

Starting on Wednesday 27 with the “Magna Coronation of the Kings and Queens of Carnival” and the musical presentation of Amos del Ruido, composers of the Carnival’s theme, in an event open to the public at Quintana Roo Park.

On the next day, prepare for the unique presentation of the DIF Cozumel Carnival Festival, and on Saturday, March 2, prepare to be amazed by the costumes of the “Night of Fantasy and Masks” with live music from the 21st floor. The “Gran Noche Tropical” will close with the star presentation of Grupo Cañaveral on Monday, March 4.

From March 3 to 5 attendees can enjoy one of the most beloved traditions of the public: the allegorical cars. Witness the talent and history behind each of the cars and enjoy the free concert 90’s Pop Tour with the best Mexican groups of the nineties: OV7, Los Sacados, Caló, JNS and Kabah!


The allegorical cars will surprise you.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Cozumel and get ready to experience the Cozumel Carnival 2019!


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