Day of the Dead on Isla Cozumel



The celebration of the Day of the Dead is the best window into the most spectacular Mexican traditions.On Isla Cozumel, the first days of November, the aromas, and colors of ceremonial dishes spring from the kitchens and the special ovens placed in the backyards and advance through the streets mixing with the salty scent of the coast.


Celebrate México enjoying Isla Cozumel


Isla Cozumel knows how to celebrate. Apart from being one of the most traditional touristic destinations of Mexico, Cozumel is home to people living accordingly to Mexican traditions and customs; since the tastes, colors, and sounds of the jungle and mangroves of Cozumel make out part of the fabric of the great cultural tapestry of Mexicanity. That is why immersing yourself in the clear waters of Isla Cozumel, wandering among the rainforest, running on white beaches or diving into a cenote are spectacular ways to celebrate Mexico along with Mexicans.


The Sacred Mayan Journey: a voyage to Cozumel Island


The Sacred Mayan Journey: a voyage to Cozumel Island
Year by yeaar an incredible tradition named The Sacred Mayan Journey takes places as groups of
canooers embark towards Kuzamil, or Cozumel Island as it is known today. From Mexico’s coast,
they fight against the Caribbean Sea’s current to reach the island and ask for the favor and fortune
of Ixchel, the moon regent and fertility goddess.
This 2017 will be the 11th year of this wonderful journey that has made locals and foreigners close,
together embarking in a unique voyage worldwide, filled with emotions, tradition, preparation and
strength. Amongst the 300 participants you can find 38 different nationalities from Argentina, Spain,
Venezuela, Chile, Italy, France, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Rusia, Switzerland, Uruguay
and the Netherlands. Under the gaze of thousands of assistants, the canooers will begin on May
26th, from the once known town of Polé, towards the Caribbean waters by dawn, to reach its
destination after a few hours of strength to overcome the obstacles of the journey. For them it is
important to bond with their teammates, and prepare months in advance under strict conditions to
reach their goal.
These brave men and women arrive to Cozumel and into the Chankanaab creek in the afternoon, to
ask the favor of the goddess, as a symbolic trip to ask health for their families, better economy and
fertile crops for their people. The next day, May 27th, they’ll go back to the coast starting at dawn.
Do not miss the opportunity to witness this incredible and mystical event, for all ages, open to the
general public and find out the details here.

Holiday Escapade


Holiday Escapade
Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

We want to invite you these holidays to the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, with amazing rocky coastline and also incredibly white sugary beaches, Cozumel Island has what you are looking for. Delicious food, exciting experiences, relaxing sunbaths, we are just waiting to share everything this marvelous island has to offer! Find out more about it below.
Chankanaab Park
Costa Cozumel
One of the most amazing parks in Cozumel Island is of course, Chankanaab. With the only salt water lagoon of the world that hosts corals in it, with colorful fishes and transparent waters, this park has it all. Enjoy the beach while you drink a cold beverage under the warm sunlight. Wander around the park and explore the Mayan traditions, while you learn about nature and admire the cocodriles that are part of the conservation program of the park. Come to Chankanaab and fully your holidays!
Sky Reef
Palapas Cozumel
Now for the activities swimming among colorful fishes and discovering a coral reef, while you enjoy a unique snorkeling experience there is of course, Sky Reef. With many amenities like food, mattresses, showers, bathrooms, long chairs, lockers and showers, you can also count on snorkeling and diving equipment, and a guide for all these activities! Besides you can enjoy of amazing food with unique seasoning and refreshing beverages. If you want to know more, visit their website here.
Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

To top your adventurous holiday, we recommend Playa Mia, an amazing beach club with activities such as slides, kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, water trampoline, water roller, hammocks, shopping, underwater Mayan city, pools, beach chairs umbrellas and much more. With first class services and modern facilities, it also has accessibility for wheelchairs and organizes trips to the Colombia Lagoon, Palancar reef and El Cielo. It is the first theme park in the world to earn the distinguished Cristal Certification, awarded by “Check Safety First”. This recognition shows that Playa Mia® has achieved excellence in the management of food and beverage. Visit their website for more information here
These are some of the most fun and exciting places where you can enjoy Cozumel Island’s activities, but there are many more. Come, and discover the incredible Cozumel Island!

Incredible ending of the 2017 Carnival of Cozumel Island with Rumba, Rythm and Fun: A Complete Tradition!


Participants dressed as harlequins, rumba dancers, flamenco dancers, fairies,
princesses, bull fighters and of course our King and Queen elect, made this edition
colorful explosion of joy and fun. Our boulevard witnessed thousands of people that
celebrated at the sunset the last day of the carnival, ending in this way a very exciting
Like every year, the locals remembered, honored and shared our rich and diverse
past, maintaining this tradition a unique one; this great celebration that brings colors
to the streets, reaches every corner of the island and offers its visitors the opportunity
to experience an authentic Cozumel tradition.
Come next year and live the Carnival with us!




WeedingAre you deeply, crazy in love? Would you like to be? Then come to Cozumel Island, the perfect destination to spark romance!

If you are looking for a paradisiac island where you can enjoy amazing cuisine, spectacular sunrises, crystal clear turquoise waters, and white sugary beaches, then Cozumel Island is the ideal place to be in Valentine’s Day. Some of the most romantic things to experience in Cozumel Island are gathered here in this post, so you can count on a beautiful escapade to this wonderful island.

One of our first recommendations is to walk in the boulevard by sunset. The sun is not burning your skin, but love may! The amazing landscape will surely help to spice up the evening, discover amazing photo worthy spots and rekindle love’s fire.

A must do in Cozumel Island is to have a romantic dinner with typical dishes from the region. Our Mayan cuisine will charm even the coldest heart! You know what they say, love enters through the stomach. We recommend you try Jacinta Cozumel, a perfect fusion of gourmet Mexican cuisine you’ll vow for! Make a reservation here:

Another amazing place to have a lovely dinner is on a Pirate Boat, with the stars as your witness. The starry night sky and the pirate show will keep you entertained and excited, while you have the best time with your loved one.

What could be more romantic than a pearl from the only Pearl Farm in the whole Caribbean Sea? The Pearl Farm, located on the northern area of Cozumel Island Island, is one of the most incredible snorkeling places to find romance. You’ll enjoy a tour through the Pearl Farm, which are located on the reef, discover how pearls are really made and the perks and complications these pearl farmers have to overcome to produce these natural gems. Take a gorgeous souvenir from the Pearl Farm in the form of a ring or necklace, a token of your love.

There is a place in Cozumel Island called El Cielo, which means The Sky in Spanish, it is truly a heavenly place. Picture the starry night above you, the gorgeousness of millions of twinkling lights shining millions of years away from us. Now, imagine seeing stars in daylight: impossible? Not in Cozumel Island! El Cielo takes its name from the sea stars located on the bottom of the sea, and the water is so piercingly blue that it can only resemble the sky. Experience heaven on earth and come to snorkel at El Cielo.

If you are looking for a fine but relaxing night out come and dance in Sundays at the Benito Juarez Park, which is very well located right in front of the ferry deck, in the center of the city of Cozumel Island. At night, the park’s fountain synchronizes into the fantastic music and orchestra, which plays typical and important songs from Mexican culture. Come and enjoy a marvelous evening and celebrate love at Cozumel Island!