Holiday Escapade


Holiday Escapade
Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

We want to invite you these holidays to the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, with amazing rocky coastline and also incredibly white sugary beaches, Cozumel Island has what you are looking for. Delicious food, exciting experiences, relaxing sunbaths, we are just waiting to share everything this marvelous island has to offer! Find out more about it below.
Chankanaab Park
Costa Cozumel
One of the most amazing parks in Cozumel Island is of course, Chankanaab. With the only salt water lagoon of the world that hosts corals in it, with colorful fishes and transparent waters, this park has it all. Enjoy the beach while you drink a cold beverage under the warm sunlight. Wander around the park and explore the Mayan traditions, while you learn about nature and admire the cocodriles that are part of the conservation program of the park. Come to Chankanaab and fully your holidays!
Sky Reef
Palapas Cozumel
Now for the activities swimming among colorful fishes and discovering a coral reef, while you enjoy a unique snorkeling experience there is of course, Sky Reef. With many amenities like food, mattresses, showers, bathrooms, long chairs, lockers and showers, you can also count on snorkeling and diving equipment, and a guide for all these activities! Besides you can enjoy of amazing food with unique seasoning and refreshing beverages. If you want to know more, visit their website here.
Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

To top your adventurous holiday, we recommend Playa Mia, an amazing beach club with activities such as slides, kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, water trampoline, water roller, hammocks, shopping, underwater Mayan city, pools, beach chairs umbrellas and much more. With first class services and modern facilities, it also has accessibility for wheelchairs and organizes trips to the Colombia Lagoon, Palancar reef and El Cielo. It is the first theme park in the world to earn the distinguished Cristal Certification, awarded by “Check Safety First”. This recognition shows that Playa Mia® has achieved excellence in the management of food and beverage. Visit their website for more information here
These are some of the most fun and exciting places where you can enjoy Cozumel Island’s activities, but there are many more. Come, and discover the incredible Cozumel Island!

Incredible ending of the 2017 Carnival of Cozumel Island with Rumba, Rythm and Fun: A Complete Tradition!


Participants dressed as harlequins, rumba dancers, flamenco dancers, fairies,
princesses, bull fighters and of course our King and Queen elect, made this edition
colorful explosion of joy and fun. Our boulevard witnessed thousands of people that
celebrated at the sunset the last day of the carnival, ending in this way a very exciting
Like every year, the locals remembered, honored and shared our rich and diverse
past, maintaining this tradition a unique one; this great celebration that brings colors
to the streets, reaches every corner of the island and offers its visitors the opportunity
to experience an authentic Cozumel tradition.
Come next year and live the Carnival with us!




WeedingAre you deeply, crazy in love? Would you like to be? Then come to Cozumel Island, the perfect destination to spark romance!

If you are looking for a paradisiac island where you can enjoy amazing cuisine, spectacular sunrises, crystal clear turquoise waters, and white sugary beaches, then Cozumel Island is the ideal place to be in Valentine’s Day. Some of the most romantic things to experience in Cozumel Island are gathered here in this post, so you can count on a beautiful escapade to this wonderful island.

One of our first recommendations is to walk in the boulevard by sunset. The sun is not burning your skin, but love may! The amazing landscape will surely help to spice up the evening, discover amazing photo worthy spots and rekindle love’s fire.

A must do in Cozumel Island is to have a romantic dinner with typical dishes from the region. Our Mayan cuisine will charm even the coldest heart! You know what they say, love enters through the stomach. We recommend you try Jacinta Cozumel, a perfect fusion of gourmet Mexican cuisine you’ll vow for! Make a reservation here:

Another amazing place to have a lovely dinner is on a Pirate Boat, with the stars as your witness. The starry night sky and the pirate show will keep you entertained and excited, while you have the best time with your loved one.

What could be more romantic than a pearl from the only Pearl Farm in the whole Caribbean Sea? The Pearl Farm, located on the northern area of Cozumel Island Island, is one of the most incredible snorkeling places to find romance. You’ll enjoy a tour through the Pearl Farm, which are located on the reef, discover how pearls are really made and the perks and complications these pearl farmers have to overcome to produce these natural gems. Take a gorgeous souvenir from the Pearl Farm in the form of a ring or necklace, a token of your love.

There is a place in Cozumel Island called El Cielo, which means The Sky in Spanish, it is truly a heavenly place. Picture the starry night above you, the gorgeousness of millions of twinkling lights shining millions of years away from us. Now, imagine seeing stars in daylight: impossible? Not in Cozumel Island! El Cielo takes its name from the sea stars located on the bottom of the sea, and the water is so piercingly blue that it can only resemble the sky. Experience heaven on earth and come to snorkel at El Cielo.

If you are looking for a fine but relaxing night out come and dance in Sundays at the Benito Juarez Park, which is very well located right in front of the ferry deck, in the center of the city of Cozumel Island. At night, the park’s fountain synchronizes into the fantastic music and orchestra, which plays typical and important songs from Mexican culture. Come and enjoy a marvelous evening and celebrate love at Cozumel Island!

Carnival warmth at Cozumel


Carnival warmth at Cozumel


Welcome to the first entry of the blog and wishing you a happy new year 2017 from Cozumel, we want to invite you to visit Coumel, a gorgeous island located 11 miles away from the coast of Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea. The island is filled with historical references from our past and Mayan heritage, and these traditions are still alive today. One of these traditions is without a doubt the emblematic Carnival of Cozumel celebrated from February 22nds until the 1st of March. This carnival has been addressed by the Mexico Tourism Board as one of the 8 most representative ones in the country, and it sure is. This event is in fact so important that has a prequel that starts from January 28th to the 19th of February, which serves as an amazing colorful display of dances and costumes that represent without a doubt the vibrant joy of this celebration.

As it is costume, a king and queen will be selected from different categories such as juvenile, children, diversity and major, with its respective crowning and celebration dance from each. This contributes to create expectation towards the actual dates on February and it is a very merry celebration to be a part of! Besides this exciting carnival full of music, culture and delicious cuisine, is only one of the many events prepared for our visitors this 2017.

Mrs. María Beatriz Solís Ramírez, our eldest participant of 60 years old. 2016.

Some of this events are the Aeroshow Cozumel, on April 1st and 2nd which features a world-class show that involves pilots and some incredible aero displays, The Cozumel Scuba Fest which as its name shows it is all about the incredible and colorful marine life that attracts professional divers all around the world to participate in this event from May 4th until the 8th. Also on May there is the 9th Annual Cozumel Island Golf Tournament an international sports event that lasts all weekend and starts on the 6th. We must mention the Sacred Maya Journey, a canoe trip from the coast of Quintana Roo to the island, in which participants from all cultures and nationalities train in advance for months to prepare for this endeavor, and pay their respects and ask good fortune to the moon goddess Ixchel from May 26th to 27th. From August to October, the annual nesting season of marine turtles takes place in Cozumel, which you can prepare for in advance since July and learn all about caring and protecting these magical animals. If we are talking about our incredible events and traditions we must highlight the 15th of September, one of the biggest fiestas in the country in which we celebrate, eat and drink for the anniversary of our independence and freedom. Also on September, we invite all athletes around the world to participate and compete in the Metlife Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, an incredible and extreme experience biking, swimming and running along the island. Iron Kids is followed closely on the 30th of September and has plenty of fun and entertainment while completing the serious triathlon. Day of the Dead starts on October 30th and lasts until November 2nd, and while we celebrate this tradition nationally, the Mayan called it Hanal Pixan which means food for the souls and as you can guess, it is an especially delicious event to attend to!

These are only a few of all the events throughout the year, we have many more cultural, ecological and festive activities you can attend to. Follow our blog to keep yourself updated on these and visit Cozumel!


Woman in Catrina costume setting the Hanal Pixan altar. 2016.

Hanal Pixan at Cozumel


2If you are looking to experience the Day of the Dead at Cozumel, do not miss the incredible events the island has for you! From October 31st until November 2nd you can be part of this tradition from our Mayan ancestry in which we celebrate Death as another step in our existence. Death conceived by the Mayas was a natural and spiritual process in which we will meet our makers gladly, but that will mean that we won’t be able to enjoy the mortal pleasures of seeing our friends and family, and most importantly eating and drinking. This is why Hanal Pixan means food for the souls, because we pay our deceased tribute with their favorite dishes and drinks while they were alive.

On October 31st we will welcome you to the contest of Death Altars, typical in these traditions, in which the contestants decorate the altar to welcome our deceased. The altar is full of symbolical gestures and levels which generally mean the three states of the spirit: heaven, earth and hell. The altar has sugar skulls with the names of the deceased and delicious food, such as hot chocolate or tamales. It is also decorated with copal incense and beautiful flowers. A path is made to guide the souls towards the altar and is made of candles and flower petals.
On November 1st there will be an exhibition of the altars and a contest of literary skulls. These literary skulls could be best defined as poems with humoristic depictions of death, mocking the deceased or death herself. There will be also a Catrina runway, which is an image that holds an important cultural and artistic meaning in our history, and used to represent the upper class during the 19th century; its male counterpart is called Catrín. It was first invented by illustrator and print maker José Guadalupe Posada, and was popularized later by painter Diego Rivera. There will also be a spectacle of poems, legends and songs which you cannot miss! And the parade in the 5th Avenue from the Cemetery to Benito Juarez Park where the festival will continue.

1On November 2nd a race called Catrines and Skulls will be held with family participation, the contestants will run 1.5 miles dressed as Catrines and Catrinas. Afterwards you can feast your eyes with the show of typical dishes of the Day of the Dead. The folkloric ballet will make an appearance you cannot miss in which you can enjoy music of our cultural heritage. Argelia Chacón will give a concert to delight your ears and finally you can enjoy the Night Mexico musical arrangement.

All these events will be held at the Benito Juárez park, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

Do not miss the events we have for you on this Hanal Pixan celebration and follow us in social media to keep in touch with the newest updates!



We continue with the second part of the Top 10 Beach Clubs in Cozumel, and present the following options to convince you to come to the island and spend an incredible day! Let us begin:

  1. Isla de la Pasion


Isla de la Pasion is a beautiful all inclusive island and is located in the northern part of Cozumel. Alike the entire area, local care facilities and much of the local fauna, among which you can see different species of endemic birds. While enjoying drinks and a delicious meal, you can sunbathe on the soft white sand beach, facing an unparalleled view of the Caribbean Sea. The mangrove forest and coral reef make up the landscape of this beautiful island. Another of the most important details that Isla de la Pasion has is that you can celebrate your nuptials, baptisms or important religious and social events, the island’s staff is dedicated to make your event an unforgettable day! For more information, we invite you to visit their website.

7.- Papito’s Beach Club & Restaurant Bar


Papito’s Beach Club has a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016 and is located in the southwest point of Cozumel, at Punta Sur Park which is the largest ecological reserve in Cozumel. You can access to the beach walking a short road from Punta Sur while enjoying the sea on your left and the beautiful vegetation all around. Papito’s Beach Club has one of the most beautiful beaches of Cozumel, with soft white sand, clear water and a restaurant with delicious local dishes and Caribbean flavor. The best of all this is the location, allowing it to retain its natural essence surrounded by exotic birds and coral formations, in an exclusive setting where nature is still the main attraction. In addition to sunbathe and enjoy fantastic food, you can perform various activities such as snorkeling, which you can read about it on their website clicking here.

8.- El Pescador at Chen-Rio Beach


El Pescador, is located strategically at Chen-Rio Beach and its beautiful white sandy beaches with rock formations and crystal clear waters. It is ideal for families with young children as the beach is surrounded by rocky blocks forming a huge natural transparent pool. It offers a wide variety of seafood and fresh fish, which will be a healthy and delicious experience you must try! Check their website to convince yourself of all the things you can enjoy at El Pescador.

9.- Nachi Cocom Beach Club & Water Sport Center


It is a private beach club with a capacity of 100 people per day, white sand –always present around the island of Cozumel–, personalized service and attention in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, make this club one of the best of the island. Families, couples and friends can enjoy the calm away from the crowds that could happen in other beach clubs. With its delicious lunch, swimming pool, jacuzzi, bathrooms, private parking and lounge chairs to enjoy the warm Caribbean sun, Nachi Cocom Beach Club & Water Sport Center is an excellent choice for your holidays! Check their website here.

10.- Punta Morena


Last but not least is Punta Morena Cozumel. Your perfect beach for surfing in big waves, the only pool at the east side of Cozumel. Delicious dishes of Mexican and international cuisine as well as vegetarian, make this restaurant a cozy and versatile place to satisfy your appetite. Besides the natural beauty there are also massage cabañas, a bar, souvenirs shops, hammocks, swings for children and more. On their website you can see the various amenities and operation hours.


This concludes our Top 10 Beach Clubs in Cozumel, we hope you like these options and feel free to leave your comments below. Visit our social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we commonly share pictures of these beautiful places! Discover Cozumel and visit us soon!




Welcome back to Cozumel’s blog, this edition will present a selection of the top ten beaches that we recommend for you to enjoy during your stay on the island. We divided the selection into two parts, in each we will talk about 5 of our Top 10 Beaches in Cozumel, and I will highlight its important attributes to convince you to come visit and fall in love with Cozumel!

1. Playa Palancar

We started with Playa Palancar is located south of the city of San Miguel to 20 minutes from downtown, at kilometer 19.5 of the coastal road. It is the nearest Heaven beach and reefs with less influence by man, being one of the few unspoilt beaches on the island with all amenities, including a large palapa restaurant, hammock area where you can enjoy some of the best Mexican Caribbean dishes such as fish fillets, and shrimp or fish ceviches, seafood soup and the house specialty: shrimp Palancar. Dare to live and enjoy this delicious experience in Cozumel and have fun with jet skis and parachutes. Playa Palancar awaits you in its large beach with chairs and umbrellas at the seashore. Visit the web site and convince yourself website and see for yourself!


2. Sky Reef

Sky Reef, as the name implies, is super popular for activities such as snorkeling where you can observe corals and other endangered species such as elkhorn, as long as you remember to care for the ecosystem because, as you can see, in near the beach and corals, live many colorful fish. At Sky Reef you can not only enjoy a unique snorkeling experience, but many amenities like food, mattresses, showers, bathrooms, long chairs, lockers and showers. In addition to the snorkeling and diving equipment, you can count on a guide for these activities. For more information visit their website here.


3. Paradise Beach


ked among the 10 most popular beaches in Mexico, Cozumel Paradise Beach offers crystal clear waters, beach umbrellas and towering palm trees to enjoy the sea breeze on a hot day. It has all the services which include water slides, kayaks, snorkel gear, paddle boards, Wi-Fi and a pool with temperature control. Visit their website to learn more about it.


4. Playa Mia Grand Beach Park ®

With first class services and modern facilities, as well as accessibility for wheelchairs and various amenities such as slides, kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, water trampoline, water roller, hammocks, shopping, underwater Mayan city, pools, beach chairs umbrellas for the beach and much more, it is a beautiful beach club in Cozumel. It also organizes trips to Colombia and Palancar reefs, and remember that it is the first theme park in the world that has earned the distinguished Cristal
Certification, awarded by “Check Safety First”. This recognition shows that Playa MIA® has achieved excellence in the management of food and beverage. Visit their website for more information here.


5. Mr. Sancho’s

The Beach Club Mr. Sancho’s is located in the western part of the island with over 500 meters of beach with clean white sand. One of the best cuisines on the island with quiet and familiar but very fun atmosphere. In Mr. Sancho’s, you will find a great beach, incredible facilities, an amazing water park, friendly and professional staff, plus food and drinks. It is the perfect place in Cozumel for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, jet skis, parasailing and activities experienced in the forest and on the beach, horseback riding and ATV’s and Tequila tasting and a massages area to have a full day of relaxation at the beach. Commercial area full of Mexican art, a wide range of accessories, unique pieces of black coral, ceramics, clothing and precious jewels. On the website you can find lots of information that will be useful to plan your stay.


Remember to visit our blog for the next edition, in which you will find out the second part of our top ten beaches of Cozumel selection. Wait for it!

The Natural Paradise you must visit in Mexico


The Natural Paradise you must visit in Mexico


Panoramic photograph taken from the top of the Celarain Lighthouse, to the south of Cozumel Island, where part of the Colombian Lagoon can be seen on the left side of the picture, and the Caribbean Sea on the right side of the image.

Cozumel Island is located 28 km from the coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is the third largest island in the country, with several endemic species of flora and fauna. Cozumel has conservation activities, protection and environmental rehabilitation, including voluntary participation of its inhabitants. Cozumel has peculiar environmental characteristics with brackish lagoons and endemic species such as the dwarf raccoon, the inhabitants of the island have joined efforts with various authorities to ensure the protection of fauna and flora. Some of the noteworthy efforts are made by non-profit organizations such as the Foundation of Parks and Museums which administers the Chankanaab Park. In the park there is a program of rehabilitation, protection and conservation of American crocodiles, as these magnificent specimens usually become very territorial in breeding season, often resulting in injuries among them because domain displays. Caregivers at the Chankanaab Park medically and nutritionally attend these crocodiles, nursing their wounds and feeding them so that they can subsequently be rehabilitated to their natural environment. Another feature that should be noted is that the park has unique vegetation of the region, recreating in its eco-archaeological tour the living conditions in Mesoamerican cultures, particularly the Mayan civilization. Chankanaab Lagoon is the only one in the world that has a coral formation in land, and which also houses different species of colorful fish that thrive in the reef. Punta Sur Park is a protected area that also takes important steps to safeguard and protect the ecosystem. The work being done in Punta Sur, especially in the Colombia Lagoon, is also an effort to integrate the community since a very young age, as children are contributing to this research mangrove reforestation. International Children and Youth Conference was recently held for the twenty fourth time in honor of the World Enviroment Day and in this edition had the presence of Peru, with community of Oxapampa. In this congress, children and young people who debate among them, propose and promote various projects, and share experiences and thus get feedback. They focus since October 2005 to restore and reforest the mangrove in Colombia Lagoon, as Hurricane Wilma was responsible for devastating the area that held beaches and lush vegetation, affecting populations of birds and mammals, as well as marine animals and flora. The efforts have paid off and many programs are being re-evaluated for application in different areas of the island for the future. Reforestation and protection natural areas contributes to the proliferation of flora and fauna that inhabit the island, including coral reefs in addition to 1,192 marine species. If you visit Cozumel you will witness the laying eggs and birth of sea turtles, see the information by clicking here, and find out how you can contribute to this noble activity! For this and many other reasons, we agree on the important work of care and natural conservation is done in this paradisiac island is of upmost importance, and also allows you to participate and fall in love with Cozumel. Visit Cozumel and contribute to the conservation of our planet!