The Nicklaus Design Group has successfully balanced the strict requirements needed to build a first-class golf course surrounded by the delicate ecosystem of the mangrove swamp and tropical forest.
Cozumel Country Club also offers another option, The FASTEE COURSE! The FASTEE Course is perfect for juniors, seniors and beginners.
 Due to its strong commitment to an environmental program, in March 2006 Cozumel Country Club became the first golf course in Mexico to obtain the designation of Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary from Audubon International.
To obtain this certification it is necessary to demonstrate that there is a high degree of planning, wildlife and environmental management, information and education, as well as safety programs and reduced chemical use, water conservation, and a proper management of water quality.
Cozumel Country Club has reached agreements with several hotels on the island offering golfing privileges to their guests. For more information please contact us directly at the Cozumel Country Club:
Cozumel Country Club está operado por sus propietarios, Club Corp.
Cozumel Country Club is operated by its owners, Club Corp. “Perhaps the most common goal of the designers of golf courses and of course for Nicklaus Design, is to create a golf course that can be enjoyed by players of all levels, while maintaining  superior facilities to the ones the best players can imagine. This experience will be a memory that will bring back golfers again and again. The Cozumel Country Club, what a golf course. “- Steve Nicklaus