How to arrive?


There are numerous flights to Cozumel, in addition to seasonal charter flights from Canada and the United States. Currently you can take direct flights from Miami, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Milwaukee, Newark, Detroit, Minneapolis, Montreal, and Toronto. There are also direct flights from Mexico City and Cancun via Cozumel airlift.  
These are some of the airlines operating in Cozumel.
United Airlnes/Continental Airlines (987) 872-5995 / (987) 872-2847
US Airways (987) 869-1831 / (987) 869-1830
Delta Airlines (987) 869-0208 / (987) 869-0514
American Airlines (987) 878-4308
Frontier Airlines (987) 869-0998
Mayair puente aéreo (Cancún – Cozumel – Cancún) (998) 881-9413 / 1-800-566-2700
Aeropuerto Internacional de Cozumel (987) 872-0485


Passenger ships “Barcos Caribe”, “México Waterjets” and “Ultramar” travel from Playa del Carmen, connecting Cozumel with the Yucatan Peninsula. The boats operate continuously every hour with a journey of about 40 minutes. Also available is a ferry heading off from Calica, located ten minutes away from Playa Del Carmen. The trip is an hour long.  The company that provides the service is TRANSCARIBE.  They make four trips a day.  


In addition to car rentals, there are a large number of taxis, but none of them have taximeters.

From Cancún

AIRLIFT:A flight with  Mayair, will take just 20 minutes. They make 5 daily round trips on comfortable aircrafts with a capacity of 19 passengers. Mayair can also take you to the southeast of Mexico, Veracruz via Cancun, Merida and Villahermosa in one of their daily round-trips. For more information visit: .

Ground Transportation

Modern buses take you from Playa del Carmen to Cancun and vice versa for a fee of around $10 USD.  The trip takes approximately 45 minutes. In Playa del Carmen the bus station is located just two blocks away from the dock.